Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2017

80% of energy produced worldwide comes from fossil fuels, in Israel this percentage is even higher, almost 97%. In the meantime, climate change and pollution affect lives of millions globally and locally. Break Free is an annual world-wide action promoting transition to renewable energy sources and EMIS students took part in it last month. The campaign in Israel was led by Greenpeace and was aimed at advocating for closure of coal power plants in the upcoming two years.

First event took place in Hadera, where located is the biggest coal power plant in the country. Green Team members helped to facilitate raising-awareness activities for children and their parents, who came there for Purim celebration.

The major venture happened in Jerusalem, where Green Team and EMIS Running Club members supported Greenpeace in hacking the Jerusalem Marathon. The main theme was to “break the coal bubble”, so participants, who dressed up as bubbles and held banners, run a section of the Marathon. In addition, we shared stickers, leaflets and gathered signatures for the petition.

Joining action of Greenpeace was an inspiring opportunity to get engaged locally and speak up for a greater cause, while having quite a lot of fun. Now, we are looking forward for positive response from Israeli government.

Videos from the actions: Hadera, Jerusalem

Source: Strzelecki, Beniamin. “Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2017.” SCHOOL FOR CHANGE. EMIS, n.d. Web. 12 May 2017. <;.

Photo courtesy: Greenpeace Israel

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