Recycling System at EMIS

Human’s impact on the environment is visible in all aspects of our activity: energy production, transportation, development of cities. On the top of that, we produce overwhelming amount of waste. In particular, each of us throws away everyday  used papers, food leftovers or unnecessary plastic packages. We wanted to make sure that they will not end up in the landfill.

In Hakfar Hayarok, the recycling system exists, however it is not well-developed. In the beginning of the school year, in the village we could find recycling containers for plastic bottles and for carton, nevertheless we had none at EMIS. Hence, we decided to put this issue on our agenda. We started with arranging the big containers for trash. We set up two for plastic and one for paper. Additionally, we put the ones for paper in school’s lounge and teachers’ room.

Then, we needed to make recycling convenient, understandable and easily accessible for students. To achieve it, we brought carton boxes for every room and we marked them as recycling bins. Then, through posters and talks, we conducted a campaign raising awareness about how and what to recycle. Finally, to emphasise the importance of recycling, we included the duties of emptying bins in the weekly cleaning schedule.

Now, every week we can see EMISers putting spare papers, bottles and packages in the recycling bins. Thanks to that we significantly reduced our environmental footprint and the amount of our waste which ends up in the landfill.

Author: Beniamin Strzelecki

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