Community garden

Building up on what we learnt about food crisis and need to grow food locally, we decided to build a community garden at EMIS. But it is much more than only this. The community garden is also about having a sense of shared responsibility and maybe most importantly, a lot of joy from taking care of your plants to eat delicious fruit and vegetables from them after a few weeks.

As the first step in preparing the garden, we needed to find a right place. We decided to use free places next to the dorm’s corridor, where the garden used to be last year. However, because nothing was grown there in the last ten months, we had to conduct the soil reclamation. We dug and flipped it, and we got rid of all the weeds and rocks within it. We also trimmed the lemon grass, which remained from the last year.

Then, we could start planting. We put in the ground zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and rosemary. For the first few days we needed to water them, but once old water dripping pipes got fixed, the plants get watered automatically. This is also the way that will keep them up during the summer, when there is not going to be anyone at campus.

The main risk is that despite our efforts, soil is not ready for plants and they will get rejected. But hopefully, with our care, everything will work fine. We will know before the summer break.

Author: Beniamin Strzelecki

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