Visit in the Knesset – Water Crisis in Israel

Once a year, Knesset, the Israeli parliament, holds a day that is devoted to the environmental issues. Many environmental movements in Israel come to the Knesset, speak out in committee meetings and advocate for sustainable actions. This year, Keren and Adee from Green Team joined and went to the Knesset with an Israeli environmental movement Green Course.

Green Course was established in 1997 and their mission is to change the policy in Israel regarding environmental issues. First when we arrived we learned “how to be an activist in the Knesset” – we learned not to be shy, speak our mind and prove the politicians, that the public cares and they also should care about the environment they live in. On this day, we took part in different committee meetings which dealt with a variety of issues. The most important fact, I learned from the day, is that there is still a water crisis in Israel and that Israel has been in a drought period for the last 4 years. Couple of years ago Israel started to evoke for water desalination and today 70% of Israel water is desalinated! Due to that, many people, including me, up until now think, that this is the ultimate solution and Israel does not have water crisis anymore. But unfortunately, truth is the opposite. Apparently, water desalination has a very bad impact on the earth, the factories pollute the air and there is a danger for polluting the ocean and soil (which happen frequently in the recent years). Therefore, the government should immediately reduce the water desalination resources, but it cannot be done, because the demand for water is so high, approximately 2 billion cubic meter for a year. This is an opportunity to remind you all – DO NOT WASTE WATER! Also, when you think there is enough water, remember that we need new solutions, because no environmental resource will remain forever. #ThinkGreen,BeSustainable

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