Agriculture is one of the major contributors to global emissions of greenhouse gases and other types of pollution. Moreover, vast quantities of land are used for growing animals’ food and breeding them. Despite producing tremendous amount of food worldwide, the food crisis is present due to high rate of waste and uneven distribution of nutrition. There are many ways, in which one can decrease his environmental footprint related to food.


  • Conduct a survey and basing on the results, carry out awareness campaign

In the survey conducted in our school, it appeared that 75% of students throw away 25% of food on their plate. Moreover, one student puts in trash 8 kg of food monthly. Using this data and footages from the dining hall, we created a video and presented it during workshops, where we discussed food crisis.

  • Promote vegetarianism and veganism

Producing meat has much more heavy impact on the environment than growing fruit or vegetables. You can promote vegetarianism and veganism by persuading school to Meatless Mondays in the canteen.

  • Grow food on your campus

A lot of pollution in food production comes from transportation and storing food for long time. You can decrease this negative impact by having fresh, local food, directly from garden at the campus of your school. To yield more crops, it is possible to use modern technologies, such as hydroponics.

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