EMIS at TAU Science Night

At EMIS, we try to take education well beyond the classroom. The same values shares Tel Aviv University, which recently organised TAU Science Night. EMIS as one of a few external organisations was invited to hold its station during the event and Green Team was representing the school there.

Our station was entitled “The Triple R” and was aimed to teach about reducing, reusing and recycling. In the first activity, visitors had an opportunity to create stickers for their houses promoting reducing, with captions like “Turn off the light!” or “It’s never too late to start saving!”. In the second part, guests could reuse old plastic bottles and adapt them for flower pots. Everyone decorated their bottles and received a flower with soil to put inside. Lastly, to learn about recycling, event participants were supposed to throw pieces of trash into appropriate recycling bin.

EMIS station attracted a lot of interest. So many people came to our reusing activity that we had to bring more bottles from the Hakfar Hayarok and look for some at TAU campus. These activities were yet another step in bringing environmental issues to the public in Israel and increasing awareness about problems that local and global societies face.

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