Greenpeace Campaign Against Coca-Cola

Following successful anti-Coca-Cola campaign of Greenpeace UK, chapters of this organisation started similar campaigns worldwide. Also Greenpeace Israel started its efforts to push for change in company’s policies. Green Team members joined Greenpeace in some of the actions.

Coca-Cola is the largest soft drinks company worldwide. It is estimated that they produce 100 billion single use plastic bottles every year and a very little fraction of them is produced from recycled materials or is recycled after the first use. At the same time, plastic bottles are one of the major sources of pollution, especially in the oceans.

In order to force Coca-Cola to take responsibility for their actions in Israel, local Greenpeace launched educational campaign, along with petition and putting informative signs on Coca-Cola bottles in shops around the country. EMIS students contributed to the last part by taking the leaflets with information about harmful effect of plastic bottles and attaching them to the Coca-Cola products.

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Photo courtesy: Greenpeace Israel

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