Visit to Ariel Sharon Park

Flat-topped mountain near to Tel Aviv, the Hiriya, is one of the most characteristic places around the city. After over 35 years of functioning as a landfill, the place has been turned into waste disposal facility, educational centre and an ecological park. Green Team members went there to lear more about waste disposal and reuse. 

Landfill in Hiriya was closed when birds attracted by the garbage started to pose a threat to airplanes operating in the nearby Ben Gurion airport. Moreover, there was an increasing odour and pollution getting into the fields and river. After closure of the site, the transformation process has began. The mountain has been covered with nylon fabric to keep the debris in place and methane capture system was installed to collect gas released by decomposing trash. Top of the mountain has been reclaimed and the Ariel Sharon Park was created.

On the side, nearby municipalities created waste transfer facility. Except for reloading litter from trucks collecting trash locally to large trucks transporting trash to the Negev, there are a biogas generator ad an RDF fuel production plant here.

Green Team members together with other EMIS students visited an educational centre, learning more about the facility here and recycling in general.

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