Electricity Campaign

Domestic use of electricity is an important factor in energy consumption worldwide. Especially in Israel and at EMIS, air conditioning takes tremendous amounts of energy. On top of of that, we all tend not to turn off the lights or unplug chargers. As Green Team, we decided to raise awareness about this problem and persuade students and staff members to change their habits. 

The awareness campaign consisted of a few parts. Firstly, we put up stickers in the rooms and in the school building to remind people about turning off the lights and electricity. We also stuck some humorous posters around the boarding house. Secondly, we created a video and presented it in workshops in mentor classes to make sure that each and every EMIS student heard our message. We also passed our communication to teachers when in the staff meeting, encouraging them to support our efforts in making EMIS a greener place. Lastly, Green Team members make sure that lights and ACs around the campus are turned off after curfew. That allows to save our planet but also money, bringing benefit to all of us in short and long term.

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