Lecture by Joseph Gitler

Green Team has continuously working on the issue of food waste at EMIS and in the whole Hakfar Hayarok. In order to learn more about this topic, discover new ideas and gain partners for our actions, we had a pleasure to host Joseph Gitler, the founder of Leket Israel, in one of our meetings.

Leket was established in 2003 and it has become the largest food bank in Israel. Leket collects food from farms, military bases and many other donors, and transports it to people in need: shelters and others. Only last year, the organisation provided more than 2 000 000 warm meals and almost 18 000 tons of food in general.

In our meeting, Joseph outlined for us the situation regarding food waste in Israel and related it to other places around the world, that he visited throughout his work. Moreover, he gave us some advices about tacking this problem on the local scale. In the upcoming months, Green Team and other EMIS students are going to volunteer with Leket in one of their food-picking sites.

Further reading: Leket Israel

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