Visit in the Knesset – Water Crisis in Israel

Once a year, Knesset, the Israeli parliament, holds a day that is devoted to the environmental issues. Many environmental movements in Israel come to the Knesset, speak out in committee meetings and advocate for sustainable actions. This year, Keren and Adee from Green Team joined and went to the Knesset with an Israeli environmental movement Green Course.

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Community garden

Building up on what we learnt about food crisis and need to grow food locally, we decided to build a community garden at EMIS. But it is much more than only this. The community garden is also about having a sense of shared responsibility and maybe most importantly, a lot of joy from taking care of your plants to eat delicious fruit and vegetables from them after a few weeks.

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Visit in hydroponic farm in Tel Aviv

In the era of rapid urbanisation and exponential growth of population, and because there are no more lands to accommodate for agriculture, food is becoming more scarce and has to travel longer distances in order to get on our plates. That leads to increase in food prices, bigger carbon footprint of nourishment production and more chemicals in our meals – phenomenas holistically called a food crisis. To learn about causes and possible solutions for this gripping issue, we visited a hydroponic farm in Tel Aviv.

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Recycling System at EMIS

Human’s impact on the environment is visible in all aspects of our activity: energy production, transportation, development of cities. On the top of that, we produce overwhelming amount of waste. In particular, each of us throws away everyday  used papers, food leftovers or unnecessary plastic packages. We wanted to make sure that they will not end up in the landfill.

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