Lecture by Joseph Gitler

Green Team has continuously working on the issue of food waste at EMIS and in the whole Hakfar Hayarok. In order to learn more about this topic, discover new ideas and gain partners for our actions, we had a pleasure to host Joseph Gitler, the founder of Leket Israel, in one of our meetings.

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Electricity Campaign

Domestic use of electricity is an important factor in energy consumption worldwide. Especially in Israel and at EMIS, air conditioning takes tremendous amounts of energy. On top of of that, we all tend not to turn off the lights or unplug chargers. As Green Team, we decided to raise awareness about this problem and persuade students and staff members to change their habits. 

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Visit to Ariel Sharon Park

Flat-topped mountain near to Tel Aviv, the Hiriya, is one of the most characteristic places around the city. After over 35 years of functioning as a landfill, the place has been turned into waste disposal facility, educational centre and an ecological park. Green Team members went there to lear more about waste disposal and reuse. 

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Greenpeace Campaign Against Coca-Cola

Following successful anti-Coca-Cola campaign of Greenpeace UK, chapters of this organisation started similar campaigns worldwide. Also Greenpeace Israel started its efforts to push for change in company’s policies. Green Team members joined Greenpeace in some of the actions.

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